Online OB/GYN Board Preparation

Proper preparation for OB/GYN boards will ensure that you comprehend the material so that you can pass the qualifying exams the first time. Dr. Walls Board Prep™ can help you gain the understanding you need.

Pass the Qualifying Exam

Dr. Walls Board Prep™ has helped candidates prepare for the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) qualification exam for over 20 years. We boast a 90% pass rate among our students, so you can be confident that we’ll improve your odds of passing the exam so that you can start your career as an OB/GYN.

We offer multiple formats for the online OB/GYN board preparation course to accommodate your schedule so that you can keep up with your existing responsibilities as you prepare for the exam. Our courses also run for different lengths of time and feature different levels of intensity based on how prepared you already feel for the exam.

You have the ability to choose between a course that meets four nights a week (for one, three, six, or nine months) and includes homework or a course that meets for two nights over one weekend and provides all of the supplemental materials you need to study on your own. In other words, our courses are appropriate for those who prefer self-guided learning or those who prefer instructor help.

All courses will give candidates the chance to answer hundreds of sample questions so that they can understand what kinds of questions will appear on the real exam. These questions will vary in terms of form as well as the knowledge candidates must demonstrate. This will allow candidates to keep a cool head since they expect everything that they’ll see on the exam.

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